The We Cheesy Story

It was a typical afternoon in late winter when our founder, Donna Ledbetter, was home with her friends watching college basketball on TV. Usually, there would be some type of snack, like chips or puffs, or some type of food, like Buffalo wings or pizza. But on this particular Saturday, Donna noticed that all of the foods and snacks being served were made of cheese. That’s when she realized that there are probably a lot of people in the world who love cheese as much as she and her friends do.

“Wouldn’t it be great,” she asked, “if there were a way to try all kinds of cheeses? And taste new cheese snacks as soon as they came out?”

Everyone agreed it would be a great idea, but nothing like it existed. So, We Cheesy was born.

Today, We Cheesy has evolved into a company offering cheese lovers a variety of options for experiencing cheese. We Cheesy now offers two monthly cheese clubs as well as cheese gift baskets and an online store.

The We Cheesy Difference

We Cheesy was uniquely built to meet the needs of cheese lovers. Our passion for cheese shows through at every touchpoint, from our website to the products we deliver, and it is our pleasure to share that enthusiasm for cheese with you.

Some companies deliver products featuring cheeses with a long shelf life, so they can store them for months in a warehouse. But cheese lovers want their cheese delivered fresh. So, We Cheesy cheeses are always fresh and straight from the farm. Not only does our freshness make us different as a business, but it also makes us different in a way you can taste.

And for those who love cheese snacks, We Cheesy offers them, too. We bring you artisan cheese snacks fresh from the bakery and the newest cheese snacks on the market so you can be among the first to taste them.

The We Cheesy difference is that we really do love cheese, and we give you a variety of ways to indulge in your love of cheese right along with us.